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Are you tired of hearing, "If you didn't buy it here, we can't service it here;" or are you tired of shops telling you it will take weeks to months before they can service your RV? If so, give Readinger Mobile RV Services a call! As RVers ourselves, we can relate to when things go wrong and the need to get them fixed quickly at a fair price. We work on all RVs and charge a reasonable price for prompt, quality service (and best of all . . . you don't have to take your RV anywhere)!

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Meet the Team

Who We Are

Readinger Mobile RV Services takes pride in being a family owned and operated business.

Brett Readinger


Brett has over 22 years of experience in the RV industry, but a lifetime of experience in the camping lifestyle. He started camping with his parents (Warren & Sharon) and siblings (Kim & Warren) when he was a young boy and created a lifetime of memories. As Brett got older, he joined Scouts and experienced many more years of camping. In the late 1990s, Brett met his future camping mate, Tami, (now his wife and business manager), and they started their own tent camping adventure. In 2002, they decided to upgrade and visited Family Camping Outlet in Pottstown, PA. This visit is what started his career in the RV industry.

Brett started as an RV mechanic at the dealership and quickly worked his way up to Shop Foreman. In 2007, he became the company's Service Manager and led the Service Department for 14 years, until 2021 when the dealership was sold. The knowledge he gained from his former employer and the compassion he has for his customers is why Brett started Readinger Mobile RV Services. 

Evan Readinger


Evan is the son of Brett and Tami, and he has been camping his entire life. When he turned 14, he decided to work with his dad at a local RV dealer as a part-time building maintenance man, detailer, and daytime cleaner. After Evan graduated from High School, he shadowed his dad to learn more about the trade. In the beginning of 2024, Evan completed the Certified RV Technician program at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas. He is now a Certified RV Technician through the NRVTA and the RVTAA. His knowledge of RVs and his desire to learn how things work make him a great addition at Readinger Mobile RV Services and carries on the trade with the 2nd generation. 

About: Meet the Team

Evan attended the NRVTA during January and February of 2024 and became a certified RV technician. Watch Evan talk about his experience!

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Tami Readinger


Tami didn't start camping until she met Brett in the late 1990s. Despite having no knowledge of campers before then, Tami learned quickly and is now able to drive, setup, and maintain campers like a pro. Tami's knowledge in the educational field paved the way for her role in Readinger Mobile RV Services as a savvy business manager. She brings years of experience in time management, finance, and computer technology. Tami has a key role in the daily operations of Readinger Mobile RV Services. 

Haley Readinger


Haley is the daughter of Brett and Tami, and she has been camping her entire life.  When Haley is camping, she enjoys setting up the interior of the RV and getting it all organized and decorated. Haley is now in high school; and, as most teenagers, is a social butterfly. This makes her the perfect choice as our social media specialist. Haley recently ventured into t-shirt design and production, which makes it only fitting for her to be in charge of merchandise creations for Readinger Mobile RV Services too. Haley also worked briefly for her father's former company as a file clerk and daytime cleaner. Her attention to detail is a great asset to Readinger Mobile RV Services. 

About: Meet the Team
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